Discontinued Product Information (Others)

Please note that substitute products may have varying configurations and characteristics. (Please note that not all discontinued products are listed.) Please contact us through our Web site or the nearest sales office for details.


Product Name Series Product Catalog
Chip Resistors CR/CJ Series (PDF/58.3KB)
LR Series (PDF/174KB)
Resistors Arrays CRA Series (PDF/37KB)
CRB/CRC Series (PDF/126KB)
Resistors Networks RNA Series (PDF/79KB)
Trimmer Potentiometers CVR Series (PDF/155KB)
Chip Attenuators ATC1A Series (PDF/48KB)

Piezo Products

Product Name Series Product Catalog
kHz Band Ceramic Resonators KBR Series
kHz Band Ceramic Filters PBFS Series
PBFC Series
KBF Series

EMI Filter

Product Name Series PDF
EMI Filter KVA16 Series (PDF/256KB)
KVA21 Series (PDF/223KB)
KNF21 Series (PDF/262KB)
KNA16 Series (PDF/288KB)
KNA21 Series (PDF/210KB)
KNA32 Series (PDF/197KB)
KNH10 Series (PDF/177KB)
KNH16 Series (PDF/180KB)
KNH21 Series (PDF/187KB)