Notes for Using the Catalogs

  1. Specifications described in this catalog are for references. Products specifications shall be based on written documents agreed by each party.
  2. Contents in this catalog are subject to change without notice. It is recommended to confirm the latest information at the time of usage. Also, Kyocera Electronic Components Catalog is revised once a year. We may not be able to accept requests based on old catalogs.
  3. Products in this catalog are intended to be used in general electronic equipment such as office equipment,audio and visual equipment, communication equipment, measurement instrument and home appliances. It is absolutely recommended to consult with our sales representatives in advance upon planning to use our products in applications which require extremely high quality and reliability such as aircraft and aerospace equipment, traffic systems, safety systems, power plant and medical equipment including life maintenance systems.
  4. Even though we strive for improvements of quality and reliability of products, it is requested to design with enough safety margin in equipment or systems in order not to threaten human lives directly or damage human bodies or properties by an accidental result of products.
  5. It is requested to design based on guaranteed specifications for such as maximum ratings, operating voltage and operating temperature. It is not the scope of our guarantee for unsatisfactory results due to misuse or inadequate usage of products in the catalog.
  6. Operation summaries and circuit examples in this catalog are intended to explain typical operation and usage of the product. It is recommended to perform circuit and assembly design considering surrounding conditions upon using products in this catalog.
  7. Technical information described in this catalog is meant to explain typical operations and applications of products, and it is not intended to guarantee or license intellectual properties or other industrial rights of the third party or Kyocera.
  8. Trademarks, logos and brand names used in this catalog are owned by Kyocera or the corresponding third party.
  9. Certain products in this catalog are subject to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Act of Japan, and require the license from Japanese Government upon exporting the restricted products and technical information under the law. Besides, it is requested not to use products and technical information in the catalog for the development and/or manufacture of weapons of mass destruction or other conventional weapons, nor to provide them to any third party with the possibility of having such purposes.
  10. It is prohibited to reprint and reproduce a part or whole of this catalog without permission.