To download environment documentation


You can download environmental compliance document for each Series of connector products.
The Series number is represented by the four-digit number from (3) to (6) in the part number.

Part number example
0 4 6 8 0 6 0 0 8 0 0 0

5000 Series

Series RoHS REACH Other Environmental Data
5015 RoHS_5015.pdf (399KB) REACH_5015.pdf (294KB) TSCA_5015.pdf (505KB)
5046 RoHS_5046.pdf (348KB) REACH_5046.pdf (210KB) TSCA_5046.pdf (453KB)
5047 RoHS_5047.pdf (345KB) REACH_5047.pdf (207KB) TSCA_5047.pdf (450KB)
5077 RoHS_5077.pdf (403KB) REACH_5077.pdf (295KB) TSCA_5077.pdf (508KB)
5090 RoHS_5090.pdf (398KB) REACH_5090.pdf (272KB) TSCA_5090.pdf (504KB)
5600 RoHS_5600.pdf (342KB) REACH_5600.pdf (185KB) TSCA_5600.pdf (447KB)
5638 RoHS_5638.pdf (453KB) REACH_5638.pdf (293KB) TSCA_5638.pdf (559KB)
5650 RoHS_5650.pdf (402KB) REACH_5650.pdf (273KB) TSCA_5650.pdf (509KB)
5652 RoHS_5652.pdf (459KB) REACH_5652.pdf (299KB) TSCA_5652.pdf (565KB)
5655 RoHS_5655.pdf (419KB) REACH_5655.pdf (44KB) TSCA_5655.pdf (65KB)
5656 RoHS_5656.pdf (501KB) REACH_5656.pdf (340KB) TSCA_5656.pdf (606KB)
5689 RoHS_5689.pdf (403KB) REACH_5689.pdf (273KB) TSCA_5689.pdf (508KB)
5690 RoHS_5690.pdf (403KB) REACH_5690.pdf (273 KB) TSCA_5690.pdf (509KB)
5804 RoHS_5804.pdf (420KB) REACH_5804.pdf (271KB) TSCA_5804.pdf (526KB)
5806 RoHS_5806.pdf (375KB) REACH_5806.pdf (220KB) TSCA_5806.pdf (481KB)
5807 RoHS_5807.pdf (375KB) REACH_5807.pdf (220KB) TSCA_5807.pdf (480KB)
5843 RoHS_5843.pdf (397KB) REACH_5843.pdf (237KB) TSCA_5843.pdf (503KB)
5846 RoHS_5846.pdf (399KB) REACH_5846.pdf (238KB) TSCA_5846.pdf (505KB)
5861 RoHS_5861.pdf (380KB) REACH_5861.pdf (215KB) TSCA_5861.pdf (486 KB)
5863 RoHS_5863.pdf (375KB) REACH_5863.pdf (222KB) TSCA_5863.pdf (480KB)
5867 RoHS_5867.pdf (374KB) REACH_5867.pdf (219KB) TSCA_5867.pdf (480KB)
5897 RoHS_5897.pdf (374KB) REACH_5897.pdf (219KB) TSCA_5897.pdf (480KB)

6000 Series

Series RoHS REACH Other Environmental Data
6200 RoHS_6200.pdf (377KB) REACH_6200.pdf (219KB) TSCA_6200.pdf (482KB)
6208 RoHS_6208.pdf (434KB) REACH_6208.pdf (267KB) TSCA_6208.pdf (539KB)
6210 RoHS_6210.pdf (349KB) REACH_6210.pdf (186KB) TSCA_6210.pdf (454KB)
6212 RoHS_6212.pdf (375KB) REACH_6212.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6212.pdf (480KB)
6214 RoHS_6214.pdf (346KB) REACH_6214.pdf (185KB) TSCA_6214.pdf (452KB)
6224 RoHS_6224.pdf (376KB) REACH_6224.pdf (221KB) TSCA_6224.pdf (482KB)
6227 RoHS_6227.pdf (374KB) REACH_6227.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6227.pdf (480KB)
6232 RoHS_6232.pdf (443KB) REACH_6232.pdf (275 KB) TSCA_6232.pdf (547KB)
6240 RoHS_6240.pdf (377KB) REACH_6240.pdf (222KB) TSCA_6240.pdf (482KB)
6244 RoHS_6244.pdf (375KB) REACH_6244.pdf (220 KB) TSCA_6244.pdf (480KB)
6251 RoHS_6251.pdf (374KB) REACH_6251.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6251.pdf (480KB)
6260 RoHS_6260.pdf (377KB) REACH_6260.pdf (219KB) TSCA_6260.pdf (483KB)
6262 RoHS_6262.pdf (370KB) REACH_6262.pdf (213KB) TSCA_6262.pdf (475KB)
6274 RoHS_6274.pdf (374KB) REACH_6274.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6274.pdf (480KB)
6277 RoHS_6277.pdf (375KB) REACH_6277.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6277.pdf (481KB)
6284 RoHS_6284.pdf (419KB) REACH_6284.pdf (221KB) TSCA_6284.pdf (524KB)
6287 RoHS_6287.pdf (374KB) REACH_6287.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6287.pdf (480KB)
6288 RoHS_6288.pdf (428KB) REACH_6288.pdf (269KB) TSCA_6288.pdf (533KB)
6293 RoHS_6293.pdf (427KB) REACH_6293.pdf (270KB) TSCA_6293.pdf (533KB)
6298 RoHS_6298.pdf (371KB) REACH_6298.pdf (256KB) TSCA_6298.pdf (521KB)
6401 RoHS_6401.pdf (374KB) REACH_6401.pdf (219KB) TSCA_6401.pdf (480KB)
6406 RoHS_6406.pdf (374KB) REACH_6406.pdf (219KB) TSCA_6406.pdf (480KB)
6407 RoHS_6407.pdf (374KB) REACH_6407.pdf (259KB) TSCA_6407.pdf (480KB)
6409 RoHS_6409.pdf (375KB) REACH_6409.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6409.pdf (481KB)
6411 RoHS_6411.pdf (374KB) REACH_6411.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6411.pdf (480KB)
6801 RoHS_6801.pdf (374 KB) REACH_6801.pdf (219KB) TSCA_6801.pdf (480KB)
6806 RoHS_6806.pdf (420KB) REACH_6806.pdf (44KB) TSCA_6806.pdf (70KB)
6808 RoHS_6808.pdf (374KB) REACH_6808.pdf (216KB) TSCA_6808.pdf (479KB)
6809 RoHS_6809.pdf (418KB) REACH_6809.pdf (269KB) TSCA_6809.pdf (524KB)
6810 RoHS_6810.pdf (417KB) REACH_6810.pdf (263KB) TSCA_6810.pdf (523KB)
6811 RoHS_6811.pdf (374KB) REACH_6811.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6811.pdf (480KB)
6815 RoHS_6815.pdf (413KB) REACH_6815.pdf (185KB) TSCA_6815.pdf (519KB)
6817 RoHS_6817.pdf (413KB) REACH_6817.pdf (293KB) TSCA_6817.pdf (519KB)
6824 RoHS_6824.pdf (374KB) REACH_6824.pdf (220 KB) TSCA_6824.pdf (480KB)
6841 RoHS_6841.pdf (374KB) REACH_6841.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6841.pdf (480KB)
6844 RoHS_6844.pdf (374KB) REACH_6844.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6844.pdf (480KB)
6866 RoHS_6866.pdf (374KB) REACH_6866.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6866.pdf (480KB)
6882 RoHS_6882.pdf (413KB) REACH_6882.pdf (254KB) TSCA_6882.pdf (519KB)
6892 RoHS_6892.pdf (380KB) REACH_6892.pdf (220KB) TSCA_6892.pdf (486KB)
6893 RoHS_6893.pdf (413KB) REACH_6893.pdf (252KB) TSCA_6893.pdf (519KB)