Discontinued Product Information (Capacitors)

Please note that substitute products may have varying configurations and characteristics. (Please note that not all discontinued products are listed.) Please contact us through our Web site or the nearest sales office for details.


Product Name Series Product Catalog
Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
AT Series (PDF/69KB)
ST Series (PDF/77KB)
CF Series (PDF/86KB)
DM Series (PDF/58KB)
CA Series (PDF/89KB)
CL Series (PDF/61KB)
CU05 Series (PDF/32KB)
DN/DR Series (PDF/34KB)
CD Series (PDF/23KB)
CX Series (PDF/32KB)
Three Terminal Capacitors
KNH105 Series (PDF/61KB)
KNH21 Series (PDF/90KB)
Trimmer Capacitors CTZ Series (PDF/116KB)
TSR/TSF/TSW Series (PDF/33.2KB)