MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) List

What is MSL?

MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) standards are defined for products to be reflow-soldered.
It is up to level 1 to 6, and the lower the number, the lower the risk of damage from volume expansion due to moisture vaporization.

Crystal Devices

Product Name MSL
Crystal Units The MSL is 1 for all Kyocera crystal device products. (No need for damp proof packing)
Clock Oscillators (SPXO)
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO)

SAW Devices

Product Name MSL
SAW Filters The MSL is 3 for all Kyocera SAW device products. (Needed damp proof packing)
SAW Duplexers
SAW Quadplexers

Power Semiconductor Devices