SAW Devices

Please refer to the specification sheet for each product.

SAW Filters SAW Duplexers SAW Quadplexers

It is 50 volts or more. (Cumulative failure rate: 10%)

The MSL is 3 for all Kyocera SAW device products. (Needed damp proof packing)

No, they are not usable. Even in the case of resin molding method, please contact us beforehand.

When soldering, please use a spot heater under the following conditions:
・Preheating: 150℃ +/- 10℃ for 60 seconds at minimum
・Warm air temperature: 280℃ +/- 10℃ for 30 seconds at maximum

We recommend up to three times.

  1. Dry the packed and taped products one time for 10±1 hours at 60±2℃ and 10% RH or less.
  2. Put the products in a heat-resistant container and dry it one time for 10±1 hours at 60±2℃ and 10% RH or less, for 8±1 hours at 70±2℃ and 10% RH or less, or for 6±1 hours at 80±2℃ and 10% RH or less.
  1. Not opened damp proof packing:Please store them under the normal temperature and humidity (-10 to +40℃ and 30 to 85% RH). As for products that have been stored over one year since they were shipped, their solderability could be deteriorated, so please be sure to evaluate their solderability before use them.
  2. Unpacked damp proof packing: After opening, please make sure to mount them within 168 hours in an environment of 5 to 30℃ and 60% RH or less.