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Circuit Matching Service for High-Frequency Devices

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Kyocera offers a matching service that high frequency devices can be used with confidence, including our SAW devices.
By providing a matching service, it can prevent mismatches that may occur after the installation of a customer's terminal board, such as reflection, reduced efficiency, and degraded terminal performance.





Matching services consist of matching circuits with different constants of L/C components to achieve terminal performance and perform impedance adjustment.


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Passive Test

Move the impedance (around 50 ohms/adjusted for PA).
In Network Analyzer, Tx - > Ant. port (S21) damping properties, Tx (S11) and Ant. Measure the reflective impedance of port (S22).

passive test

Active Test (to check board characteristics)

Evaluate reception sensitivity, ACLR, current consumption, etc., and search for the best match.

active test

Matching Status

matching status

Data is based on research by Kyocera.

Technical Support Locations

Technical Support Locations
  • Japan: Shiga, Yohkaichi Plant
  • KYOCERA(China) Sales & Trading Corporation (Shanghai Office)
  • KYOCERA(China) Sales & Trading Corporation (Shenzhen Office)


If requested, we will visit and provide matching support.
We welcome your request through the contact form.