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Evaluation Test (Basics) -Connector Trivia vol.5-

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Various evaluation tests are carried out during the development of connectors. Introducing the purpose and content of the evaluation.




Connectors are parts that combine the functions of electrical and mechanical components. Therefore, evaluation of various items, such as electrical performance and physical performance, is conducted.

What is the purpose of the evaluation test?


Purpose of the Evaluation Test

The purpose of the evaluation test is to verify the reliability (degree of assurance) of the connector.
Mainly complies with the following related standards.




A standard established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It has been produced internationally on electrical engineering, electronics, and related technologies, some of which have been developed in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). A standard was established based on the Industrial Standardization Law and one of the Japanese national standards.


If you are curious about the names and uses of the components shown on the left, please see here.

Main Tests and Details

mechanical performance

Mechanical Performance

Purpose of Evaluation:

Check whether there is any abnormality in appearance when various evaluations are performed, load force to be engaged and disengaged, holding force of terminal and flex cable, etc.

Evaluation Contents:

  • Appearance
  • Mating/unmating force
  • Terminal holding force
  • Flex cable holding force, etc.


Physical Performance

Physical Performance

Purpose of Evaluation:

Check plating and spring degradation during insertion and removal, power flicker when vibration/impact is applied, solderability, and deformation of the connector under high-temperature solder.

Evaluation Contents:

  • Insertion and removal tests
  • Vibration/impact tests
  • Solderability
  • Solder heat resistance, etc.



What is power flicker? 
A momentary interruption of electricity or communication.

Electrical Performance

Electrical Performance

Purpose of Evaluation:

Check the dielectric breakdown when a specified voltage is applied, the insulation between adjacent poles and ground, the electrical resistance of contact points, and the heat generation when a rated current is applied.

Evaluation Contents:

  • Withstand voltage
  • Contact resistance
  • Temperature rise, etc.
Environmental Resistance

Environmental Resistance

Purpose of Evaluation:

To confirm the effects of corrosion in various gas/saltwater environments, contact reliability in low temperature/high temperature/high temperature/high humidity environments, and stress corrosion due to ammonia.

Evaluation Contents:

  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Saltwater spray
  • High-temperature acceleration
  • Cold resistance, etc.

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Comprehension Test

Q1. What is the purpose of the evaluation test?
 (1) To check the reliability  (2) To check the validity of the price  (3) To determine the lead time

Q2. What do you think is the main test category?
 (1) Mechanical performance  (2) Physical performance  (3) Electrical performance  (4) Environmental resistance  (5) All true

Answer (Click to Check)
  • A1. (1) To check the reliability
  • A2. (5) All true


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