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What is a Connector? - Connector Trivia vol.1 -

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"What is a connector...?" It is a simple yet profound question.
First, deepen your understanding of the functions and types of connectors.


A Connector is...

Parts that connect electricity used in electronic devices and components.
For example, it connects one piece of equipment to another, or a module to a board in the equipment to conduct electricity.

Functions of a Connector

  1. Improve productivity
    After each board (unit) is produced in a separate process, connection by connectors in the final process can improve production efficiency.
  2. Repairable and replaceable
    Even if devices or parts break down, they can be repaired with limited replacement.
  3. Expandable
    Modules with connectors can be easily replaced and upgraded.
Improve productivity
Repairable and replaceable

Types of Connectors

There are two main types of connectors. Connectors, which are mechanical parts in addition to their function connecting electricity, vary in shape depending on what is connected.


Connectors for External Connections: Connections Between Devices

Modular connectors, power connectors, card connectors, etc.

modular connectors
power connectors
card connectors

Internal Connectors: Wiring Inside the Device or Connecting to the Unit

Board to board connectors, FPC/FFC connectors, card edge connectors, shield connectors, wire to wire/board connectors, etc.

board to board connectors
FPC/FFC connectors
card edge connectors
interface connector
wire to wire/board connectors

Connector Classification

Standard Products
(de jure standard)
Products that conform to all dimensions and product specifications set by a standardizing body.
Standard Products
(de facto standard)
Products that have been widely adopted because of competition in the market rather than a standard set by a standardizing body.
Original Products General-purpose products developed by each company.
Customized Products Customer-specific products that meet customer specifications.

Side Story -The History of Kyocera's Connector-

A pair of forked contacts are fitted in a cross shape

Kyocera's connector business began in 1947 with the hermaphroditic contact concept, which was invented by Benjamin Fox, founder of Elco International Corporation*.


The hermaphroditic contact concept revolutionized connectors with a new structure in which a pair of fork-shaped contacts fit in a cross shape and touched on four sides, enabling the creation of a smooth fitting surface and a large wiping action surface. This mechanism solved problems caused by electrical interruptions, vibration and shock, and significantly improved contact reliability, which is paramount to connectors.


Since then, it has been widely adopted in equipment where reliability is important, such as the world's leading computer manufacturers and airplanes. The reliability of the new standard, MIL-C -28731, has been demonstrated by American MIL for this product.



*Elco International Corporation ... The predecessor of Kyocera Connector Products Co., Ltd. (formerly Kyocera Elco Corporation), which handled connector products before the merger of the Kyocera Electronic Components Division.

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Comprehension test

Q1. Which of the following connector functions is incorrect?
 (1) Improve productivity (2) Store electricity (3) Repairable, replaceable (4) Expandable

Q2. What year was the product that triggered to start connector business invented?
 (1) 1947 (2) 1964 (3) 2017


Answer (Click to Check)
  • A1. (2) Commentary: "Storage of electricity" is the function of a capacitor.
  • A2. (1) Commentary: (2) 1964 is the year in which the Japanese branch of Elco International Corporation was established, and (3) 2017 is the year in which the Electronic Components Division was integrated.