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0.3mm Pitch/Low-Profile/Space-Saving/High Robustness - Board to Board Connectors

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Introducing 0.3mm pitch board to board connectors for smartphones and wearable devices.



The new "5814 Series" is a low-profile, space-saving product with a pitch of 0.3mm, a stacking height of 0.6mm, and a width of 1.5mm, but with high robustness.

Suitable for small electronic devices such as smartphones and wearable devices.

Development Background

Smartphones and wearable devices

Smartphones and wearable devices will continue to add more functions in a smaller device. The components utilized in these devices will need to be compact and more robust.

The "5814 Series" low-profile, space-saving 0.3mm pitch board to board connectors were developed to meet these market demands.



Low-Profile and Space-Saving

0.3mm pitch, 0.6mm stacking height, 1.5mm width, low-profile, space-saving design.
A width of 1.5mm has been achieved by ingenuity of contact and metal fitting shape.


[Comparison with Products with Different Pitch] 

Compared to Kyocera's 0.35mm pitch board to board connector, the PCB footprint is reduced by 30% (compared to 40pos.).

the PCB footprint is reduced

High Robustness

Both ends of the plug and receptacle cover the mold with metal fittings. In addition, an inner metal fitting is installed inside the receptacle to prevent damage due to mating from a misaligned position.

High robust construction is one of its features.

High robustness

Failure Case

If the receptacle does not have an inner metal fitting, insulator breakage of the vacuum area may occur due to misalignment during fitting.

failure case

Improved Workability and a Tactile "Click" Sound Ensures Secure Mating

Even though it is a space-saving product, the contact and metal fitting structure make it possible to perform mating reliably with an audible "click" sound.


Results of Evaluation of Mating of Connectors

The load when the connector mounted on the board mated is measured by a tension-compression tester and calculated from the following formula.

Tactile result

Data is based on research by Kyocera.

Product Specifications

Number of Positions

10 to 50

Length (Pitch Direction)




Rated Current

DC 0.3A/Contact (Signal)
DC 5.0A/Contact (Power)



Rated Voltage

DC 50V/Contact

Stacking Height


Operating Temperature Range

-40℃ to +85℃