K34HC400P160AAA 2.Production


Kyocera offers power modules adopting diverse packaging technologies in industrial fields requiring highly-reliable equipment and for the in-vehicle equipment market.

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  • Power supplies
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Series PCH
Circuit circuit15.gif
Outline E-34
Io [A] 400.0A
ITSM [A] 7200A
IGT [mA] 150mA
VGT [V] 3.0V
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ ~ 125℃
Safety Standard UL
Weight 1000.000g

Packaging Specifications

Weight 1000.000g

Engineering Documents

Product Specification / Drawing
K34HC400P160AAA-file.pdf (1099.39KB)

Environmental data

RoHS Compliance Yes


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All values except for the graph of Junction capacitance vs. Reverse Voltage of SBD products are maximum values, which are guaranteed. Graphs of Junction capacitance vs. Reverse Voltage show typical values (TYP). The curves of the average forward current rating are formed by connecting points where the junction temperature reaches 150℃.

MSL standards are defined for SMDs to be reflow-soldered, and all Kyocera products are MSL: 1. (No need for damp proof packing)

The followings are recommended storage conditions for our power device products:

[Before unpacking]
Storage temperature: 5 to 35℃ / Storage humidity: 45 to 70% RH

Related Glossary

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A type of three-terminal power semiconductor device that conducts high current when the gate receives a current trigger.

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An electrode through which a current flows into a polarized electrical device.


[Diode]Allowable peak reverse voltage repetitively applicable to diode.
[Thyristor]Allowable peak reverse voltage repetitively applicable between anode and cathode.

Minimum gate voltage required to turn on.

Minimum gate current required to turn on.