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Miniature Hi-Q MLCC for PA Modules

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Kyocera has developed an industry leading* miniature Hi-Q MLCC, 008004 (EIA) size , using copper (Cu) as the internal electrode to deliver superior Q factor.

*As of November 2022, based on a survey by Kyocera.



  • Low Loss MLCC for Power Amplifier (PA) Modules
  • Offering Hi-Q MLCC in Miniature 008004 Case Size(EIA)
  • Delivers Superior Q Factor
    Copper (Cu) is used for the internal electrode to achieve superior Q factor compared to the conventional product (STD-Q).
  • Development of Miniature MLCCs
    Available in wide range of sizes to support variety of applications.
     For Smartphones: Lineup from 008004 (EIA) size
     For 5G Base Stations: Lineup from 0402 (EIA) size



What is a superior Q factor?
In a nutshell, a capacitor's Quality factor is an indicator of low loss.
The energy loss in a capacitor is called the dielectric tangent, and the inverse of that dielectric tangent is the Q factor.
In other words, low loss = high Q factor = good capacitor performance.

Data is based on research by Kyocera.

Q factor


PA module

Power amplifier (PA) module (Smartphones, 5G base stations)

Hi-Q MLCC Roadmap

Size Code (EIA) Rated Voltage [Vdc] Capacitance [pF]
0.2 0.5 1.0 2.0 3.0 5.0 7.0 10.0 15.0 22.0
008004 25 Samples Available
Thickness (Max.) 0.138[mm]
Thickness (Max.) 0.138[mm]
01005 25 Mass Production  Product Search
Thickness (Max.) 0.22[mm]
0402 200 Samples Available
Thickness (Max.) 0.55[mm]
Thickness (Max.) 0.55[mm]

The green areas are products under development.