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Compact High-Capacity Capacitors for the Automotive Market

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Kyocera is expanding our product lineup by developing new products in the field of low-voltage compact high-capacity capacitors, which offer high performance and high reliability.

Kyocera will continue to actively introduce product variations for the in-vehicle market.



  • Development of low-voltage, high-capacity products suitable for CASE advancement (enhanced ECU functionality)
  • Development of ultra-compact products to follow further accelerated downsizing by accelerated electrification
  • Compatible with heat resistant temperature of 125℃ required for on-board quality
DC bias
AC voltage

Data is based on research by Kyocera.

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Product Lineup

Choose according to your needs, such as capacity, size and withstand voltage.


Temperature Characteristics Size Code (EIA) Rated Voltage 0.1μF 0.22μF 0.47μF 1μF 2.2μF 4.7μF 10μF 22μF
X7 0201 6.3V New Products New Products New Products New Products        
10V   Under Development            
0402 4.0V * * * * * * New Products  
6.3V * * * In Mass Production New Products New Products    
10V * * * New Products Under Development      
0603 6.3V       * * * New Products New Products
0805 6.3V             * New Products
10V             In Mass Production  
*Mass production is available upon your request.
The green areas are products under development.

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