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EIA 0201 Size MLCCs with the Industry's Highest* Capacitance of 10μF

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Kyocera has developed a new MLCC with EIA 0201 size (0.6mm x 0.3mm) and the industry's highest* capacitance of 10μF.

*Among MLCCs in the 0201 case size (KYOCERA research, March 2023)


Development Background

As smartphones and wearable devices become more sophisticated, electronic circuits require MLCC devices in greater numbers and with higher capacitance values. At the same time, product designers are prioritizing miniaturization, which is creating unprecedented demand for higher-capacitance MLCCs in ever-smaller sizes.

Product Specifications

Kyocera's KGM03 series, measuring just 0.6mm x 0.3mm, is one of the most widely used MLCCs in smartphones and wearable devices. With greater capacitance from an MLCC this small, designers will be able to meet system requirements using fewer components and less space.

Compared to Kyocera's previous components, the new 0201 MLCCs deliver an approximately twofold increase in capacitance, the highest* in the industry for a 0201 case size.

*Among MLCCs in the 0201 case size (KYOCERA research, March 2023)

Temperature Characteristics X5R (EIA)
Operating Temperature Range -55℃ to +85℃
Temperature Coefficient ±15%
Capacitance 10μF
Capacitance Tolerance K(±10%)、M(±20%)
Dissipation Factor 10% MAX.
Rated Voltage 4.0Vdc

Data is based on research by Kyocera.

Samples Availability : Shipping in September 2023
Mass production  : April 2024
Production Facility : Kagoshima, Kokubu Plant

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Kyocera will continue developing electronic components that meet new market needs and make new societal benefits possible through wireless communications and "Internet of Things" technology.


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