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High-Precision TCXOs for 5G Base Stations

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5G base stations require components that enable high-speed and high-capacity communications. Kyocera’s High-Precision TCXOs (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillators) meet demand from 5G base stations with more stable frequency-temperature characteristics than conventional products.


Development Background

5G communications, featuring high-speed, high-capacity, ultra-low latency, and multiple connections at the same time, is now entering its full-fledged introduction phase as IoT technology advances.

Among these, 5G base stations are being installed ahead of others. Demand for miniaturization of 5G base stations has been increasing year by year, and crystal oscillators, which are responsible for communication quality, are also required to be miniaturized and highly accurate.

Against this backdrop, Kyocera has developed a High-Precision TCXOs (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator) that further improves the characteristics of TCXO, which holds the top share* in devices used in mobile communications terminals. It is currently being mass-produced for 5G base stations.

* Estimates by Kyocera based on market research reports

Product Overview

High-Precision TCXOs has stabilized the frequency stability to about 1/10 of that of TCXO, which is commonly used in smartphones.

We have also been able to supply products with extremely high temperature characteristics by using low-dispersion crystal unit, which we have cultivated through the development of compact crystal unit.

Kyocera’s High-Precision TCXOs are currently used in 5G base stations as a reference clock to achieve low-latency communication.


Example of Frequency Temperature Characteristics

Example of Frequency temperature characteristic

Data is based on research by Kyocera.


One of High-precision TCXO : KT5032F Series Catalog (PDF/152KB)


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Product Features

As the internal temperature of the set increases due to the internal heat generation of the IC used and the compact and sealed structure, a value of ± 0.1 ppm has been achieved with + 105℃ operation, which has been difficult with OCXO (Constant Temperature Chamber Controlled Oscillator).


  • Standard frequency [MHz] : 10, 19.2, 20, 24.576, 26, 30.72, 38.88, 40
  • Dimensions                       : 5.0 x 3.2mm, 7.0 x 5.0mm
  • Frequency temperature characteristic : ±0.1ppm or ±0.28ppm / -40 to +105℃


Typical Specifications of High-Precision TCXO

Item MIN. MAX. Unit Conditions
Standard frequency 10 40 MHz  
Frequency temperature characteristic
-40 to +105℃
-0.1 +0.1 x10-6 ±(Fmax-Fmin)/2*F0
Temperature gradient by 1℃/min
Power supply voltage change -0.1 +0.1 x10-6 3.3V±5%
Load change -0.1 +0.1 x10-6 15pF±10%
Total frequency stability -4.6 +4.6 x10-6/20Y Initial tolerance, 20years aging at 25℃, power supply voltage change, load change and temperature characteristic
Frequency slope -0.05 +0.05 x10-6/℃ Temperature change by 1℃/min
Phase noise 20MHz - -90 dBc/Hz 10Hz offset
- -140 1kHz offset
- -150 1MHz offset


Detailed specifications can be found on each product search page and catalog.

 KT5032F Series   Product search page   Catalog (PDF/152KB)   KT5032
 KT7050A Series   Product search page   Catalog (PDF/143KB)  KT7050
 KT7050B Series   Product search page   Catalog (PDF/143KB)  KT7050

Click Here to Product Search (All TCXO)   Series List of TCXO

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Main Applications

  • 5G base stations, RF for networks, Wire communication infrastructure
  • Reference clock for high-precision measuring instrument


5G Base Station Example

High-Precision TCXO is used as a reference clock to achieve the low-latency communication required by 5G.

Example for using 5G Base Station

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