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The Benefits of Floating Connectors

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Introducing the benefits of floating connectors designed to solve various customer problems and Kyocera's product lineup of floating connectors in an illustrated and simple manner.


A Single Product to Solve a Variety of Problems

  • Looking for connectors that allow boards to be split and stacked to reduce the enclosure size.
  • Cracking can occur in rigid connectors*.
  • Failure to properly mate due to slight misalignment when mounting connectors.
  • Connector is damaged when trying to forcibly mate it.
  • Flexible boards and cables increase the number of components and assembly labor hours, which is troublesome.

*Rigid connector: Connector without moving structure.


Do you have any of the issues or concerns listed above?

Introducing the benefits of Kyocera's floating connectors that solve all of these problems, as well as Kyocera's product lineup of floating connectors that meet all automotive standards, including high heat resistance of 125℃, and support high-speed transmission at 16 Gbps.


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