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Electric Smart Switch

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This smart semiconductor-based switch developed by KYOCERA AVX (Salzburg) ensures a fast, safe, and noiseless switching of DC networks. This is available as a standard module or also as a customer-specific design.



Due to high requirements and increased integration of additional safety-relevant features in the vehicle electrical system architecture, a semiconductor-based solution can provide marked advantages when compared to a mechanical relay, including considerably higher switching speeds. Particularly in the event of a short circuit, every microsecond counts in order to guarantee a safe disconnect. The Electrical Smart Switch protects the supply circuit during charging and discharging bi-directionally in the event of overcharging or a short circuit. In addition, the Electrical Smart Switch permits the pre-charging of the DC network to enhance the service life of system components.


Products from this area are also known by the following keywords:
Solid-state relay, e-relay, circuit breaker, battery switch, e-fuse, disconnect switch, power switch


Our controls support the focal points of future mobility:
Electromobility, safety in an emergency, autonomous driving, industrial applications, H2 applications / drives, fuel cell vehicles


  • Uni-directional / Bi-directional design
  • Scalable performance design architecture
  • Integrated logic (temperature measurement, current measurement in Generation 2)
  • Overcurrent detection and safe shutdown in the event of a short circuit
  • Pre-charging of on-board networks by means of clocked switching
  • Variable cooling connection
  • Customer-specific interfaces (electrical, mechanical)
  • Qualified according to ECPE AGQ 324 (planned)
  • Maximum current capacity and low resistance


Application-Specific Data

Voltage 48V 470V 810V
Current 500A 750A 750A
Temperature -40℃ to +175℃
Switch-Off Time in the Event of a Short Circuit 2µs
Active Short Circuit Protection 2,000A

Typical Applications

  • Battery Switch
  • Battery Systems (Battery Disconnect Units)
  • DC Circuit Breakers