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On-Board Charger (OBC)

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Introducing on-board chargers with very high power density in a small package. Customization is also available.



The On-Board Charger (OBC) from KYOCERA AVX (Salzburg)  is an industry leading solution with very high power density in a small package. Its proven design is ready as a plug-n-play solution or can be customized, depending on customer needs.


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On-Board Chargers, fast charging, DC charging system, charging infrastructure, fast charging system


Our controls support the focal areas of future mobility:


  • Water- or air-cooled versions available
  • EVSE communication (CP/PP)
  • In accordance with SAEJ1772 and IEC 61851
  • Vehicle communication: CAN 2.0B / CAN-FD
  • Designed to ASIL-C and ISO26262 standards


In Development
PLC fast charging function


Application-Specific Data

  3.3kW 6.6kW 11kW
AC Input Voltage 85VAC to 264VAC
Input Current >32A
Frequency Range 49 to 61Hz
DC Output Voltage 150VDC to 420VDC
DC Output Power 3.3kW 6.6kW 11kW
DC Output Current <10A <20A <40A