Floating Connectors

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Kyocera's floating connectors can be selected from variations of a board parallel connection type with a pitch of 0.4 to 0.635 mm and a mounting height of 3.5 to 30 mm and a type that connects boards vertically.


What are Floating Type Connectors?

It has a structure in which an insulator housing, colored green in the figure on the right, of a mated pair of connectors is like floating. It is impossible to mate general rigid connectors if they are mounted out of precise alignment, but is possible with the floating type connectors. Even if connectors are mounted out of alignment, it is possible for a floating type connector (colored green) to move in the floating space to mate to the counterpart connector properly. Thus the connectors absorb the positional deviation on boards and positional deviation generated in installing boards on which the connectors are mounted to the customers' units.


Advantages in using them

  1. It is possible to use plural pairs of connectors on a single printed circuit board,

  2. The degree of freedom in component layout and in circuit design increases,

  3. The stress applied to the solder joints decreases to suppress solder cracks.

Kyocera's floating type connectors achieve movability of F/P*1=200% at maximum and it is possible to solve customers' problems at design by their high contact reliability.
*1F/P・・・F= Floating/P=Pitch

What are floating type connectors

Structure of Floating Type Connectors

The spring part of contacts expands or contracts, and the movable insulator housing colored green follows it.

Side view (movable in the direction of the Y axis)    Top view (movable in the direction of X and Y axes)



Line-Up:Kyocera's Floating Connectors

Series Pitch Floating Stacking Height No. of Pos. Connection Style

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0.4mm ±0.4mm 3.5mm 20 to 40 ST-ST

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0.5mm ±0.5mm 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0mm 10 to 80 ST-ST

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0.5mm ±0.85mm 14.0~30.0mm 10 to 80 ST-ST

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0.5mm ±1.0mm 17.0mm 40 to 60 ST-ST/ST-RA

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0.635mm ±0.5mm 8.0mm 40 ST-ST

About FloXY


A product brand of the board-to-board connector series of boards with floating mechanism. By moving in the X and Y directions and absorbing substrate mounting and fitting misalignments (Offset), the product group has achieved the high reliability required in the automotive and industrial machinery markets.

FloXY is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation.