One-action type 6817 Series FPC/FFC connectors utilize a proprietary structure that enables quick, stable connections in a single insertion, removing a significant impediment to fully automated assembly. Since the actuator can be held open, it is possible to remove FPC/FFC with one hand, and it is also possible to mount the connector on a limited work space. 6817 Series connectors are space-saving: the vertical type that mounts perpendicular to the circuit board for vertical insertion is 5.32mm high on a PCB and 2.9mm wide, and the right-angle type mounting parallel to the board for horizontal insertion is 2.6mm high on a PCB and 5.9mm wide. This connectors were designed to work with the V-by-One®HS* transmission interface, which reaches speeds up to 3.75Gbps.

* "V-by-One" is registered trademarks of THine Electronics, Inc.