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Low Profile, High-Cap Value Capacitors for SoC, Memory and Small Modules

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Kyocera has developed thin, high-CV capacitors for semiconductor market applications with numerous benefits including high capacity, outstanding temperature characteristics, and voltage resistance.



  1. Low profile design achieved with advanced thinning and lamination technologies can be mounted in between BGA.
    Kyocera has a lineup that starts from under 0.5mm in height, and there are also thin products under 0.22mm that can be mounted in the gaps between BGA.
  2. Small, high-CV product deployment for processor and module applications.
  3. Capable of handling temperatures up to 105℃ required for high-performance ICs.



What is BGA?
BGA is a type of semiconductor package consisting of a grid of small ball-shaped solders.
It is short for Ball Grid Array.


Data is based on research by Kyocera.

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SoC, Memory, Small Modules, Processor, Module and Embedded Applications



What is SoC?
SoC is an integrated circuit product that is designed to function as one integrated system by integrating processor cores, microcomputers, and other functions for application purposes.
It is short for System on a Chip.

Product Lineup

Thickness (Max.) Size Code (EIA) 0.22μF 1μF 2.2μF 10μF
0.50mm 0402       X6T 2.5V
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0.39mm 0201     X6T 2.5V
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0.35mm 0201   X6T 2.5V
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0.22mm 01005 X6T 2.5V      
0201   X6T 4V
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0402 X6S 6.3V X6T 4V
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0503     X6T 2.5V  
The products in yellow shades are mass production items.

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