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Crystal Devices for ADAS

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Demand for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is expected to increase rapidly along with the technological advancements and the electrification of automobiles. Subsequently, crystal devices are critical to ADAS development.

As ADAS ECUs accelerate to equip more CPUs and more complicated circuit configurations, it pulls more demand of miniaturization and modularization.

Consequently smaller components such as  2.0 x 1.6mm crystal units and oscillators, where KYOCERA is strongly promoting, will be widely required as a solution.

In order to meet such requests, KYOCERA have been supplying high-reliability seam welding type of crystal units CX2016SA which used by global tear 1 customers in Europe.

As well, KYOCERA have two series of platform clock oscillator (SPXO); the MC-Z series, which can be developed flexibly to realize various frequencies upon customer requests; and the MC-K series, which provides outstanding low-phase noise characteristics.


Main Applications

  • ADAS Sensor (Radar, Camera, LiDAR)
  • In-Vehicle Communication (Ethernet, SerDes, PCIe)
  • ECU in generalsolution_image

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Recommended Product Samples
For Radar : CX2016SA40000D0GSS**CX2016SA50000D0GSS**
For LiDAR : MC2520Z*******C1ZXSH
For Camera : MC2520K27.0000C1XESHMC2520K33.3333C1XESH