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Kyocera's 32kHz Crystal Oscillator

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Introducing Kyocera's 32kHz crystal oscillator with excellent stability even over a wide temperature range.



Currently, 32kHz crystal oscillators are widely used in smartphones, IoT devices, home appliances, infrastructure, and even in watches for vehicles that require low power consumption.

Particularly in automotive applications, where high reliability is required, crystal oscillators that can be used stably over a wide temperature range are sought after.

Introducing Kyocera's 32kHz crystal oscillator, which was developed to meet these requirements.


Frequency Temperature Characteristics
  • Temperature characteristics of ±25ppm and power savings of 30µA at -40 to +85℃.
  • Wide variety of sizes
    Available in 2.0x1.6 / 2.5x2.0 / 3.2x2.5 / 5.0x3.2 / 7.0x5.0mm sizes to suit your requirements.

K series

Data is based on research by Kyocera.


Part Number

MCXXXXK32K7680C13ASH (for automobile use)
KCXXXXK32K7680C12A00 (for industrial equipment use)
*XXXX contains four digits representing the case size.



Frequency Stability

For automobile use: AEC-Q200, +/- 90ppm: -40 to +125℃
For industrial equipment use: +/- 25ppm: -40 to +85℃

Output Type

Vdd: 1.6V to 3.6V

Rise and Fall Time


Start-Up Time


Current Consumption

 1.6≤VCC ≤2.0V: 28μA (no load)
 2.0<VCC ≤2.8V: 29μA (no load)
 2.8<VCC ≤3.63V: 30μA (no load)


5 Types: 2.0x1.6 / 2.5x2.0 / 3.2x2.5 / 5.0x3.2 / 7.0x5.0mm
K Series

Production Status

In Mass Production
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Characteristics graph

Data is based on research by Kyocera.


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Trivia: Why is 32.768kHz Ideal for Watches?

1 Hz

Why are 32.768kHz crystal devices used in watch applications?
Because it's the ideal frequency for exactly 1 second.


Frequency is the number of waves that are repeated in a second. The unit is "Hz (hertz). 1 Hz means 1 wave per second, and 32.768kHz means 32,768 waves per second.

Now, 32,768 waves expressed as a multiple of 2, is 215 (2 raised to the power of 15) (2 is convenient digitally). Conversely, 32.768kHz divided by 2 for 15 times equals 1Hz, which gives 1 second.

And if 32,768 is expressed as a binary number [1000 0000 0000 0000], and 1Hz=1 second when the 16th bit becomes 1.

32.768kHz is used as the fundamental frequency of time because it is a very easy number to handle. In the same way, numbers such as 8, 16, and 32, which we often hear in terms of the memory capacity of a PC, are used for the same reason above.



What is a binary number?
Binary numbers are a way to represent all numbers with only "0 and 1". The computer world uses binary numbers, and the smallest binary data unit is called a "bit."