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What is Temperature Change-Resistant TC-SAW Technology?

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Introducing TC-SAW technology for the telecommunications market. Kyocera's unique technology provides high power resistance and excellent temperature characteristics.


Kyocera's TC-SAW Technology

One of the performance requirements for SAW filters is a small Temperature Coefficient of Frequency (TCF).
Kyocera has adopted its own TC-SAW technology (temperature-compensated SAW technology) in order to reduce the frequency fluctuation due to temperature change, i.e., the TCF is small.
Kyocera's TC-SAW achieves high power resistance and excellent temperature characteristics using a piezoelectric material structure and support substrate.



What is TCF?
An abbreviation for Temperature Coefficient of Frequency, TCF indicates the amount of frequency transfer due to temperature.




Data is based on research by Kyocera.


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Features and Application

Telecommunications market


  • Superior temperature characteristics: The structure of the piezoelectric material and the support substrate are bonded together, making it possible to deal with bands that could not be handled by the piezoelectric material alone.
  • High power resistance: Actualized high-power resistance achieved by increasing heat dissipation.



Telecommunications market