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Introducing the 700MHz band SAW Filters for ITS

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Introducing Kyocera's 700MHz band SAW filters for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems).



Situation Regarding Frequency Bands for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication in Japan

The 700MHz band allocated for ITS in Japan has superior radio wave characteristics compared to the 5.9GHz band allocated for vehicle-to-vehicle communication in the United States and Europe, and it has an advantage in terms of being able to communicate without interference from buildings or vehicles ahead, especially in urban areas and intersections.


Filter Sought

However, because it is close to the frequency band used in mobile phones, filters with steep attenuation characteristics were required.
In response to such market demands, Kyocera has developed a filter that achieves high steepness based on SAW technology.

frequency band



What is ITS?
It stands for Intelligent Transport Systems. A new transportation system that uses state-of-the-art information and communication technology to improve transportation efficiency and comfort. Examples include car navigation, ETC.

Signal-linked roadside equipment
Automatic driving system
Smart Pole ITS
Highway merging support

Features and Applications

No-track side machine


  • Smaller and thinner
  • High attenuation
  • Low loss characteristics (less characteristic variation with temperature change due to TC-SAW technology)



700MHz band SAW filter used for non-line side equipment

The no-track side unit in the image is the ITS no-track side unit Smart RSU made by Kyocera.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications


Typical Curve Data

Data is based on research by Kyocera.


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