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A SAW Filter with a Life of More Than 100 Years?!

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Introducing Kyocera’s High-Power SAW Filter, which uses proprietary high-power durability technology to maintain a power life of more than 100 years (!) compared to just two years for conventional technology.


Why is Power Durability a Necessity?

IDT Electrode

One of the performance requirements for filters is "power durability."

Typically, when repeated power is applied to the IDT electrode of a SAW filter, the IDT electrode vibrates, causing stress migration.
The higher the applied power, the greater the vibration and the greater the heat generated by the vibration. This leads to more migration and hillocks, which will eventually spark and destroy the electrode.

That's why filters need to have power durability.


What is an IDT?
An IDT is interdigital electrode part. An abbreviation for Interdigital Transducer.


What is Stress Migration? 
"Migration" refers to the movement and movement of matter, and here "stress migration" refers to the diffusion and movement of metal atoms by the stress caused by vibration.


What is Hillock?
Hemispherical projections on metal surfaces which can be the cause of electrode failure.

Kyocera's Power Durability Technology

In recent years, the shift to 5G communications has required a more stable and high-quality communications environment, and the increasing complexity of circuits and other factors have necessitated higher power durability.

Kyocera has achieved outstanding high power durability for our electronic components using power durability technology (high power durability design, optimization of the IDT electrode structure, and high heat dissipation by the TC-SAW structure).

Transition of high-power durability requiredOptimization of ITD electrode structure

Data is based on research by Kyocera.


Three Elements for Superior Power Durability

  1. High power durability design
  2. Optimization of the IDT electrode structure
  3. High heat dissipation by the TC-SAW structure


With the same power input of 30dBm(=1 W), the projected power durability life will last for more than 100 years with this new technology, compared to just two years for the previous technology.