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Band 13 (+ 14) SAW Duplexer

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Kyocera has achieved mass production of its high-performance Band 13 (+ 14) SAW duplexer developed using Kyocera's proprietary TC-SAW technology (temperature compensated SAW technology).

*TC = Temperature Compensated




Kyocera's proprietary TC-SAW technology enables strict frequency control in congested frequency bands.

They are expected to be useful for 5G smartphones and other products as they are compact, lightweight, and have excellent electrical resistance.


Band 13 Market Background

Band 13 is the 700 MHz frequency band used by US carriers. The transmission frequency band is close to the NS07 frequency band (768 -775 MHz), which is used for public safety in the United States by police and fire departments. In order to avoid interference, it is necessary to ensure attenuation in the same frequency band, but this was difficult to achieve due to proximity.

Data is based on research by Kyocera.

Implemented with Kyocera's proprietary TC-SAW technology

Product Features

  1. Achieved using Kyocera's original TC-SAW technology
    Reduces frequency shift due to temperature change
  2. Support for the NS07 frequency band
    Achieves rapid attenuation, high temperature characteristics, and electrical resistance despite its compact size
  3. Extensive product lineup
    Supplying NS07 frequency band products for high-demand telecommunications market applications, such as smartphones and other devices

Data is based on research by Kyocera.

Have a small temperature drift
Electrical Properties

Extensive Product Lineup to Meet a Wide Range of Needs

  • Type: Standard (not NS07-compatible) to NS07-compatible
  • Size: 1814 ~ 1612
  • There is also a frequency band expansion version that covers the frequency band of Band 14.
Product Name Size (mm) Frequency (Transmit/Tx) Frequency (Receive/Rx) Features
SD18-0782R8UUF1 TC-SAW 1.8 x 1.4 777 - 787MHz 746 - 756MHz NS07 compatible. Also supports high power capacity +30 dBm
SD18-0782R8UUD1 1.8 x 1.4 777 - 787MHz 746 - 756MHz  
SD18-0782T8UUA1 TC-SAW 1.8 x 1.4 777 - 798MHz 746 - 768MHz NS07 compatible. Also supports Band 14
SD16-0782R8UUA1 1.6 x 1.2 777 - 787MHz 746 - 756MHz Small type
SD16-0782R8UUB1 TC-SAW 1.6 x 1.2 777 - 787MHz 746 - 756MHz Small type. NS07 compatible.
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