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0.9mm Pitch Two-Piece IDC Wire to Board Connector System "8041 Series"

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Introducing the "8041 Series" 0.9mm pitch Insulation Displacement Contacts wire to board connectors by Kyocera featuring a low-profile, space-savings, and two-point design.



Ideally suited for connecting speakers and motors in applications such as smartphones, tablet PCs, wearables, games, and AR/VR devices.
This wire to board connector is very compact, with a 0.9mm pitch and 0.9mm height. Kyocera has improved the wire retention by utilizing Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC) for wire termination to the plug.

Development Background

image of Development Background

As small portable devices such as mobile phones and portable game devices became more popular, the miniaturization and high functionality of products are accelerating, and the components used required not only low-height and high-density packaging but also shock-resistant specifications.
To address these needs, Kyocera has developed 8041 series wire to board connectors that are low-height, space-saving, and have strong wire retention.

Currently, they are used in many portable devices, such as wearable devices and AR/VR.



Low-Profile, Space-Savings

Space-saving design with 0.9mm height and 1.7mm depth. Also suitable for high-density implementations.


Vibration and Drop Impact Countermeasures

A "two-point contact design" has been adopted to achieve high contact reliability.

Enhancement of Power Line Retention

The Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC) wire termination is a gas-tight and cold-welded wire termination that provides enhanced wire retention.

attached image

enhanced wire retention

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Product Specifications

Number of Positions


Wire Size




Rated Current

DC 1A/Contact



Rated Voltage

DC 30Vrms/min.

Width of Mounted Area



Heat-Resistant Resin


Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC)

Operating Temperature Range

-55℃ to +85℃


8041 Series  Product Search Page  Catalog (242KB)  Instruction Manual (511KB)

About Connecting Connectors and Conductors

Kyocera pre-terminates the wires to the IDC Plug, providing customers with a cable assembly.

Please specify the length of the wire, terminal processing method, twist processing, etc.
Kyocera has an enhanced array of 3D models to reduce prototyping time for our customers.


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