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8016 Series Rack and Panel Rectangular I/O Connectors

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Introducing Kyocera’s highly reliable rectangular I/O connectors. Kyocera has been supplying devices for heavy electrical machinery and industrial equipment for many years.
This product is MIL standard certified with high reliability, so it can be used widely in various signal systems for power plants, railways, transportation.


Product Shape



Unique Highly Reliable Contact Structure

Unique Highly Reliable Contact Structure

Hermaphroditic contacts interlock in a cross shape, creating a large surface wiping action.

Robust Connection Structure Provides High Reliability

The center screw is used to engage and disengage, and the high retention force supports high vibration environments.

Robust connection structure

Flexibly Choose the Wiring Method and the Number of Positions According to Required Specifications

  Crimping Contact Soldering Contact Wrapping Contact
Contact Shape contact1 contact2 contact3
Connection State contact4 contact5 contact6


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Applicable Wire Size and Crimping Direction

Applicable Wires and Hand Tools

AWG#18       :06 1001 015
AWG#20~22:06 1001 016
AWG#24~26:06 1001 017

Hand Tools
Crimping Operation

Handling Instructions

Contact Mounting Method

Contact Mounting Method


How to Pull Out the Contact (Use Dedicated Removal Tool: 06 1002 075)

How to pull out the contact

Product Specifications

Number of Positions 20 / 38 / 56 / 90 / 120
Pitch 3.81×3.81 / 3.81×3.30mm
Rated Current 8.5A/10 Contacts Max.
Rated Voltage 250V Max.
Withstanding Voltage AC 1250Vrms、1min.