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"7129 Series" 10A Power Supply Connector for Battery Applications

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Kyocera has developed a high-current board-to-board connector rated for up to 10A, which contributes to reduced charging time for smartphones, etc.
The connector's space-saving design enables further miniaturization of devices. In addition, both connector ends are covered with a metal tab that functions as a guide during mating and provides increased robustness.
This connector can be utilized in a wide variety of products.


Development Background

Smartphones and PCs are essential electronic devices in modern life, and demand for wearable devices is expected to grow continuously. Battery capacity is a crucial component of convenient and functional devices.
As battery capacity becomes larger, fast charging is required and connectors with increased current rating are required.

As the number of components within electronic devices is increases, there is a need for smaller and thinner connectors to utilize the limited board space effectively, but still provide robust and reliable performance.


Capable of Handling up to 10A Current

Although small in size, it carries a large current of 10A, which contributes to shortened charging time for batteries.



Incredible Space-Saving

Space-saving design with 0.7mm mated height, 2.2 mm depth, and 5.99 mm width(in case of 4 pins), suitable for small devices such as smartphones and wearables.

Metal Tabs at Both Ends Provide High Robustness and Smooth Guiding Structure

Covering the top surface with metal tabs reinforces the connector and prevents damage caused by misalignment during mating. The flat shape of the top side metal tabs provide a smooth guide during mating.

Product Specifications

Number of Positions Signal Pin:2 / 4 Pos.
Power Pin:4 Pos.
Rated Current Signal Pin DC 0.4A / Contact
Pitch 0.35mm Power Pin DC 10A / 2 Contacts
Width when Mated 2.2mm Rated Voltage DC 30V / Contact
Stacking Height 0.7mm Withstand Voltage AC 250Vrms / min.
Length (Pitch Direction) 5.64mm (2P) / 5.99mm (4P) Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85℃