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Introducing High-Capacity, Low-ESL Capacitors

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Kyocera develops high-capacity and low-ESL capacitors suitable for smartphones and wearable devices.

These are available for mass production, and we plan to expand product variations in the future.



  • Follow accelerating downsizing
    Ultra-small size of 1.0x0.5mm (EIA 0402)
  • Achieves high capacity while being a low ESL product
    Kyocera has developed a Low ESL Compact High-Capacity Capacitor that reduces ESL by 88% at 1GHz compared to a 2-terminal product of the same size.
  • Achieves low ESL over a wide frequency band and is effective in reducing the number of decoupling capacitors in multiple use



What is ESL?
ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance) is one of the factors that degrade the performance of capacitors, and generally, the lower the value, the better the performance.


Three-terminal impedance comparisonThree-terminal comparison graph

Data is based on research by Kyocera.

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Product Lineup

Choose according to your needs, such as capacity, size and withstand voltage.


3 Terminal Products

EIA Rated Voltage [V] Temperature characteristics Capacitance [μF]
2.2 3.3 4.3 4.7 6.7 10 15 22
0402 4.0 X5R - - 0.50
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- 0.39 0.70
Product Search
Product Search
2.5 X6T - - - - - 0.65 0.65 0.65
4.0 - - 0.50 - - 0.70 - -

The yellow part is compatible with mass production.
The green areas are products under development.
The number is the thickness dimension (Max.) [mm].


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