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Waterproof Branch Connector 9715 Series

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The 9715 Series are Branch Connectors designed for easy attachment of additional parts for automobiles by use of pliers. This products enable the main wire harness to branch into the electrical component side when attaching the additional parts. Any part of the main wire harness is available to branch, which contributes to great workability. By combining a unique housing lock structure with sealant materials , the new connectors are able to meet the waterproof protection standard IPX9K. It has cleared the evaluation based on the North American automobile standard "USCAR-2" and the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization "JASO D616".



With the high level of waterproof functionality, it enables to add automobile exterior parts which are affected by water and/or dusts.



Contributing weight-saving initiatives of automobiles

With thin and aluminum electric wires, it contributes to reduction of weight of automobile harness.aluminum_advantages

9715 Series are wire branching connectors that are compatible with aluminum electric wires which have attracted attention by weight reduction of automobiles s as well as copper electric wires commonly used in automobile harnesses.Aluminum electric wires and copper electric wires have different conductivities, so it is necessary to use wires of one size up to pass the same electric current through the aluminum one. (e.g. In order to pass the same electric current through an aluminum electric wire as the one through 0.5 sq copper electric wire, 0.75 sq of aluminum wire should be used.) The aluminum wire of one size up weighs only 60%* of the copper wire, which contributes to weight saving of automobiles.
*The weights vary depending on the size of wire coating.

About Sheltap®

Kyocera's Sheltap series of branch-style electronic connectors are engineered for automotive use. The clamshell design allows Sheltap connectors to branch and distribute electricity easily and with long-term reliability, even in harsh environments.

Sheltap is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation in Japan, U.S.A., China, and Europe


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