The 8071 Series, featuring a pitch of 2.0mm, are hard metric board to board connectors developed for high-speed signals and EMI protection in computers, large network servers and telecommunication equipment conforming to IEC61076-4-101. These connectors support the Compact-PCI Bus system, specified by PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group) as the standard bus for industrial board computers. ■AB Type The AB Type are connectors featuring 125 positions with the location guide optimized for high-density mounting and high pin counts in applications such as electric transmission systems. Specifications conform to the existing Multi-Line Module Connector series. In the A type (110 positions), multi-positioning has been achieved while maintaining the function of location guide by making the applied part of the coding key a signal line. Combining plugs from the 8071 Series and receptacles from the 8072 Series enable stacking type applications.