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In-Vehicle Crystal Units with Thermistor CT2016RA Series

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Kyocera developed this product series for the advanced autonomous driving technology and connected environments.



Kyocera’s new products use photolithography and plasma CVM technology to achieve low ESR and stable temperature characteristics. The devices are used in C-V2X with 5G and in-vehicle UWB.

*Developed in collaboration with Osaka University(see details here).



What is C-V2X?
"Cellular Vehicle to Everything”. It is a communication technology that connects vehicles with everything, not only between vehicles, but also road infrastructure and equipment owned by pedestrians.


What is in-vehicle UWB?
UWB stands for Ultra Wide Band. Refers to ultra-wideband wireless communication. For in-vehicle use, smart keys are expected to be used.

Product Specifications

Standard Frequency : 38.4MHz / 55.2MHz
Size (mm) : L x W=2.0 x 1.6 T=0.65mm MAX. Low Profile
Operating Temperature Range : -40 to +105℃
Frequency Initial Tolerance : +/- 10ppm (@25℃)
Frequency Temperature Characteristics : +/- 30ppm (-40 to +105℃)
AEC-Q 200 Compliance


Thermistor Characteristics

  38.4MHz 55.2MHz
Resistance (@25degrees C) 100kΩ 10kΩ
B constant 4250K 3435K

Data is based on research by Kyocera.

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