Caution during transportation

Safety Application Guide for Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
Caution during transportation and storage
Caution during transportation

Confirm the environmental conditions of transportation for the capacitor are proper.
The performance of capacitor may be affected by the transportation conditions.
The capacitors, including taping and bulk-case packaging, shall be protected against a extreme high temperature, humidity and mechanical force during transportation.

  1. (1) Climatic condition according to JIS C 60721-3-2, class 2K2, except:
    - change of temperature air/air: -40 °C / +30 °C
    - lowest air pressure: 30 kPa
    - highest change of air pressure: 6 kPa/min

  2. (2) Mechanical conditions shall be in accordance with JIS C 60721-3-2, class 2M1.
    Transportation shall be done in such a way that boxes are not deformed and external forces are not directly passed on to the inner packaging.

  3. (3) Total transportation time shall be as short as possible, preferably not longer than 10 days .
    Total transportation time does not include storage time in controlled conditions.

Excessive vibration, shock, and pressure should not apply to the capacitor.

  1. (1) When excessive mechanical shock or pressure is applied to a capacitor, chipping or cracking may occur in the ceramic body of the capacitor.
  2. (2) When a sharp edge of a screw driver, a soldering iron, tweezers, a chassis, etc. strongly impacts the surface of a capacitor, the capacitor may become short-circuited.

Capacitors to which excessive shock was applied by dropping etc. should not be used.
The capacitors dropped accidentally may be damaged and the risk of failure may be high.

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