Maintenance of mounting machine

Safety Application Guide for Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
Handling during mounting
Maintenance of mounting machine

When a capacitor is mounted on a printed wiring board, make sure that the following excessive forces are not added to the capacitor.

When an sticking nozzle's lowest position is too low, stress is applied to capacitors and cause cracks.Take into account the following precautions:

  1. (1) Adjust the lowest position of the sticking nozzle to the surface of the printed wiring board after flattening the board bending.
  2. (2) Adjust the nozzle pressure to within a static load of 1 N to 3 N during mounting.
  3. (3) On double-sided printed wiring boards, to minimize the impact from the mounting head, it is important to provide support on the bottom side of the printed wiring board.
    See the following examples.
  Unrecommended Recommended
Single sided mounting Single sided mounting Unrecommended Single sided mounting Recommended
Double sided mounting Double sided mounting Unrecommended Double sided mounting Recommended

Perform periodic maintenance and regular checks of the mounting machine.
When a centering jaw is worn-out, it may cause a crack in a capacitor due to abnormal mechanical impact. Control the closing dimension of the centering jaw and perform sufficient preventive maintenance and timely replacement of it.

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