Information before mounting

Safety Application Guide for Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
Handling of capacitors before mounting
Information before mounting

The capacitors that were removed from the equipment should not be reused. Since capacitors that were once used may have been influenced by thermal and/or electrical stress, their lifetime cannot be estimated.

Confirm capacitance characteristics under actual applied voltage

Capacitors consist of dielectric ceramics with voltage dependency. The capacitance may change largely depending on an applied voltage, so confirm the following items:

  1. (1) Capacitance change under the applied voltage.
  2. (2) Circuit design which the capacitance change does not affect.
  3. (3) Measuring conditions specified in the catalogs or product specifications
    ( See  Measurement of capacitance   DC voltage and AC voltage characteristics)

Confirm whether excessive mechanical stress is not added to capacitors by process and/or equipment. The capacitor that was fallen should not be used because it may be electrically and/or mechanically damaged and have a high risk of failure.

Confirm capacitance value, rated voltage and other electrical characteristics before assembly.
Capacitors may not fulfill the specified performance when used improperly in regards to ratings or characteristics.

Prior to use, confirm the solderability of capacitors that were stored for a long time.
The capacitors should be used within 6 months.

Prior to measuring capacitance, carry out a heat treatment for High Dielectric Constant capacitors that were in long-term storage.
Capacitance aging should be considered in equipment circuit design when using capacitors. Decreased capacitance due to aging of dielectric ceramics can be returned to its initial value by a heat treatment.
(See Capacitance aging)

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