Atmosphere surroundings (gaseous and liquid)

Safety Application Guide for Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
Climatic factors
Atmosphere surroundings (gaseous and liquid)

Restrictions of use on operating environmental (climatic) conditions.
Confirm the condition of operating environment. If necessary, select an appropriate capacitor or take preventive
measures for equipment design.

Restricted factors of operating environment to capacitors

  1. (1) Places directly splashed with water, brine or oil.
  2. (2) The place of dew condensation.
  3. (3) The place full of corrosive gas (e.g. hydrogen sulfide, 2-oxidization sulfur, chlorine, ammonia, etc.)
    This includes fumigation for insects or rodents during transportation and storage or maintenance of the equipment also.

The capacitor used on the above unsuitable operating environment may deteriorate
and will not satisfy the required performances.

  1. (1) The capacitor splashed with water or brine will be sure to short-circuit.
    Corrosion of its terminals and permeation of moisture into the inside may shorten the lifetime and may result in failure.
  2. (2) The same phenomenon mentioned above may occur when the electrode or terminals of the capacitor are dewed.
  3. (3) Deterioration of the characteristics and insulation resistance due to oxidization or corrosion of the terminal electrodes may cause breakdown of the
    capacitor when it is exposed to corrosive gas or volatile gas of solvent for long time.

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